The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council

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Profile of the

Secretary General

of the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council (PUAC)

Secretary General

Bae Kichan

Year of Birth


2019 ~ 2020 Advisor to the Institute for National Security Strategy and the Korea National Diplomatic Academy
2018 ~ 2020 Member of the Special Committee for Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation of the Governors Association of Korea,
Policy advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Cheong Wa Dae Security Office
2017 ~ 2019 Member of the Peace and Prosperity Subcommittee of the Presidential Commission on Policy Planning,
Member of the Presidential Committee on New Southern Policy
2017 Member of President Moon Jae-in’s Special Envoy Delegation to EU and Germany.
2013 ~ 2016 Chairman of the Unification Korea Cooperative
2008 ~ 2009 Visiting Professor of the Graduate School of Peace and Security Studies at Chungnam National University
2007 Member of the Delegation to the Inter-Korean Summit (Member of the team that drafted the October 4 Agreement)
2006 ~ 2008 Presidential Secretary for Policy Coordination,
Presidential Secretary for Northeast Asia
2005 ~ 2006 Policy Secretary to the National Assembly Speaker
2003 Officer at the Office of the Presidential Secretary for Policy Management at the Presidential Secretariat
1995 ~ 1997 Visiting fellow at Harvard University, USA, and Tokyo University, Japan


  • Master of Public Administration from the Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National University (major in policy)
  • Bachelor of Arts from Seoul National University's College of Humanities (graduate of oriental history)

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