The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council

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  • Council membership is an unpaid honorary position, serving for the national and public interest and for the realization of a peaceful unification.
  • Council members should exhibit dignity in all areas, and they are banned from abusing their position to solicit personal requests or privileges.
  • Those who display outstanding performance, including significant contributions to promoting national reconciliation and laying the groundwork for unification, are awarded a governmental medal and reward and receive a citation of the Chairperson.
  • Council members are continuously provided with Unification Era, the magazine issued by the Secretariat, various materials explaining pending inter-Korean issues, and other documents on reunification.


  • Council members have a duty to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the PUAC.
    • They should attend statutory conferences such as the General Assembly and regional conferences.
    • They should actively implement and participate in various activities initiated by their respective Provincial Assembly and Municipal Chapter.
  • Activities
    • Promoting national agreement and understanding on unification policy
    • Spreading a shared understanding of inter-Korean policy and relations and the political landscape in the North
    • Collecting public opinions on reunification for policy advice and proposals
    • Nurturing the future generation for a united Korea
    • Participating in unification culture projects to lay the groundwork for reunification
    • Supporting inter-Korean interactions and cooperation programs to further relations
    • Promoting national unity

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