The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council

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  • The Secretariat was established to handle the administrative affairs of the Council.
    • The Secretariat is a presidential administrative organization, charged with managing the Council and supporting the activities of Council members.
    • The secretary general is a public official in political service and is in charge of overseeing the administrative affairs and supervising the officials of the Council.
    • The members of the Secretariat are public officials and carry out their duties as follows.

[ Article 2 of Presidential Decree on the Organization of the PUAC Secretariat ]

Article 2 (Functions) The Secretariat of the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council (hereinafter referred to as "Secretariat") shall be in charge of the following affairs to support the operation of the Council and activities of Council members.

Support for unification policy advisory and proposal activities
Support for activities of Council members to promote national engagement in reunification efforts
Support for the activities of provincial assemblies and municipal Chapter
Research required to execute duties of the Council
Other support for convening and operating the Council


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