The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council

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Organization and Functions

Organization and Functions
Organization Composition Functions
General Assembly
(Article 20 of the PUAC Act)
  • All council members
  • Unite the nation's will towards unification
  • Offer advice and proposals on unification policy
Executive Committee
(Article 19 of the Act)
  • 50 members or less
  • Deliberate on the enactment, revision, and abolishment of rules and regulations on the management of the Council
  • Review the decommissioning of council members
  • Review other issues to manage the Council
Central Committee
(Article 18 of the Act)
  • 300-500 members
  • Review assigned issues
  • Deliberate on items ordered by the chairperson
  • Review the deliberations of Standing Committees
Standing Committees
(Article 18.5. of the Act)
  • 9 standing committees
  • Review the agenda items of each area
  • Research the unification policy and make proposals through each subcommittee
Provincial Assemly
(Article 29 of the Act)
  • Domestic : 17 cities and provinces, 5 North Korean provinces
  • Overseas : Japan, China, Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe·Middle East·Africa
  • Offer advice and proposals through provincial assemblies and municipal chapters
  • Gather diverse public opinions, strengthen the foundation of support, and help reach national consensus on peaceful unification throughout communities
  • Other activities required to lay the groundwork for reunification across local communities
Municipal Chapter
(Article 29 of the Act)
  • Domestic : 228 cities, counties and districts
  • Overseas : 45 regions

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