The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council

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The Chairperson can appoint up to 25 vice-chairpersons, including the executive vice-chairperson, taking regional and professional representation into account.

The executive vice-chairperson is the acting chairperson of the Council and assumes the role of chairperson for the Executive and Central Committees.

Other vice-chairpersons represent the 17 cities and provinces of South Korea, 5 North Korean provinces, overseas provincial assemblies (Americas, Japan, China, Asia-Pacific, Europe·Middle East·Africa) and women.

Profile of the

Executive Vice-chairperson

of the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council (PUAC)

Executive ViceChairperson

Lee Seok-hyun

Year of Birth
  • Namsung High School
  • Bachelor's degree in Department of Law, Seoul National University School
  • Master’s degree in Department of Economics, Korea University

Employment history

Employment history
Sep, 2021 ~ Executive Vice-chairperson of Peaceful Unification Advisory Council (PUAC)
2018 ~ Present Co-president of Council for the Promotion of Democracy
Oct. 2017. ~ Feb. 2018. Visit U.S., China and Russia as a Northeast Asia Peaceful Cooperation Diplomatic corps of Korean National Assembly
Oct. 2018 South Korean delegation to the October 4 Declaration 11th anniversary Pyongyang event
2018 ~ 2020 Democratic Party of Korea Chairperson of the Special Committee on Economic Exchange on the Korean Peninsula
2016 ~ 2020 Member of the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee of the National Assembly
14‧15‧17‧18‧19‧20th Six-term Member of the National Assembly
2014 ~ 2016 The Deputy Speaker of National Assembly of the Republic of Korea

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